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Bareboat Charter 

on a  

36 foot PDQ Catamaran from 

Barefoot Yacht Charters  

We offered, but you had better things to do! 
We started our adventure on October 16, 1997 and returned on the 25th. Karen's parents made it all possible by volunteering their time with the Kids. They came down from Buffalo and allowed us to escape. 
We flew out of Dullus in Wash. D.C. and into Kingstown, St. Vincent with a one hour layover in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The flight was uneventful, we were lavished with kindness and hospitality from the moment we got past customs to the time we left. We haven't been able to get past the culture shock of returning to San Juan, P.R. where everyone seemed that much more inconsiderate. 
It's hard to choose our favorite island, but Petite St. Vincent (PSV) would be close. Day one of the Charter found us on the South side of Bequia in Friendship Bay, a secluded whaling village. Day two we jumped down to Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau. We hit the beach and hiked the hills up to the village. Day three found us anchored in the famous Tobago Cays. Here we had fun bartering with the local vendors (boat boys) for what ever they were selling. The one they call "Mr. Best" delivered 4 lbs. of BBQ lobster basted in garlic butter for our dinner. keep in mind we're anchored 6 miles from the nearest homestead. Dominoes doesn't have a chance down here!  Day four we hopped over to Union Island for shore leave and Karen's favorite part......SHOPPING!.  She fell in love with a coconut roll called a "red bellie." There we employed the services of Tony Curtis Alexander who instructed us in the finer art of BBQ'in  8 lbs. of  lobster! We couldn't get enough. Day five we sailed to Mopion for a lunch stop, stopped at the docks of Petit St. Martinique (smugglers heaven) to top off our tanks (water & fuel) and scope out the buys, then anchored off PSV. Day Six we headed North to Canouan and a lovely dinner ashore at the Tamarind Beach Resort. Day six we sailed North to the West side of Bequia for an evening of night life and dinning. Karen found time to knock off more shopping.  Day seven we dragged our anchor (feet) all the way back to turn in the yacht at Blue Lagoon (Southeast of Kingstown) I didn't see a sign of Brook Shields. Day eight we flew out at 7:30 am had an eight hour layover in San Juan. Karen completed her xmas shopping up to the year 2000. 


Day 2 anchorge
Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau
a long fa-king  walk
Hill top view of our anchorage in Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau
$10 house with $1M view!
Hill top view from village on Mayreau. Union Island is in the distance
Bruce, your gut is showing
That's a pile of Conch shells behind Bruce
Petit Tabac 
Looking West at 
the Tobago Cays
one of the better stops
it's 2 days later, but the same shirt!  Gross!
Dropping the hook off Mopion Island
Look close and you can see the Professor & Mary Anne 
These are a few of our favorite beaches, accessible only by boat. 
Tobago Cays
I can't believe it, Bruce actually used the camera! It must have been under duress! 
Karen lands on Mopion Island. There was a single thatch roof and nothing else, but sand & water (a 3 hour tour). 
these are known as Deadmans' Fingers 
The swim from the boat to Mopion had it's own special vista!
Look close, you can see nudity!, what a time to be without a zoom 
Sailing to Petite St. Vincent (PSV) above... 

PSV from anchorage (right)
This was our favorite spot
Click here to see the interior of the yacht
Our Anchorage at PSV.  Our yacht, Sirius, is on the left in the foreground.
Needless to say the sunsets were breathtaking!
This was at anchor off Canouan

I'm already plotting the next charter on the 
Dean 400 catamaran, Lady Starlight (right)
Four Cabin, Four Head, washer & dryer, hot water, big screen TV, Autopilot
We miss your cute little Hinnie.
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