Thanks for the links. I am still on the road but just saw my last boat. I have not made my decision yet but I can give you a brief overview of the market. Including your boat I only looked at four F25's with outboards.

Of the other three one was not currently for sale but recently sold. This one was a wing mast with the earlier (all wood) interior and sold for $5,000.00. This was a steal since this boat along with yours are in considerably better condition than all the rest.

One outboard boat was a round mast about the same age as yours but totally neglected. When I looked in the cabin there were about two inches of standing water on the sole. This boat was being sold by an agent at a marina and the asking price was $7,900.00 however the representative assured me that the owner would be willing to bargain.

The final outboard boat was in pretty good shape and had the early (all wood) interior. This one was only sailed on a lake and the owner is asking $10,000.00 and doesn't seem willing to budge.

There is one other outboard engine F25 for sale but I did not see it personally. I did see pictures of it. This one is a round mast. From the pictures it looked as if the owner mounted a diving board to the port combing then had a sumo wrestler do swan dives from it because it was all torn to shit and haphazardly repaired. This guy was asking $11,000 and lives in Minnesota so I didn't feel the need to go see this boat. I did notice that he recently reduced the price to $10,000.00. All of the rest of the boats were diesels.

I have heard from multiple sources that the presence of the diesel engine on these boats increases the value by $3,000.00 - $5,000.00. To me this seems a little high but the owners of these boats don't want to let them go easily.

The other boats are in varying states of condition and most aren't bad but your boat along with the one wing mast outboard were maintained exceptionally well.

The prices for the diesel boats range from $10,000-$15,000 and I know one sold recently whose asking price was about $9,200 so you can bet that the sale price was a bit less (I didn't see this boat but did see pictures and it looked nice).

It's tough to get a good idea for the market since asking prices are almost meaningless until someone buys. Ultimately it would be nice to see what people have paid for the boats in the past and from what little I have seen it appears that there is a sizeable rift between the asking prices for these boats and the selling price. In comparison to the other boats I have seen, your asking price is certainly not too high. Unfortunately you are not competing in an efficient market so you can't guarantee a sale by setting a reasonable asking price and taking good care of your vessel. This is sad but you should be able to take comfort in knowing that you have just about the best condition boat on the market and your asking price should beat pretty much all the rest. I would say that you are offering the best value to the consumer.

I hope this information is helpful and I will write more later.

Travis Lau

Email Received 8/5/06
boat shown on 7/30/06